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:: Time Tracker from Frank Android Software ::
  • Time Tracker - Track your time with a single click on your phone.

    • A perfect solution to keep track billable time for income and tax purposes. It saves your effort and helps you to turn your time into money.

    • Widely used by lawyers, contractors, realtors, photographers, freelancers and anyone charging by the working hours.

    • An Android based standalone application and does not use internet for data storage. This makes the product perfect for protecting your sensitive data and for tracking your working time spent on tasks wherever you are.

    • Six major reasons for choosing our Time Tracker:
      1. Easy to use:
      ---Time Tracker is very carefully designed to be user friendly. You can start using it after installation and no need to read manuals.

      2. Smart, robust and dependable:
      ---After punch in, even the app is killed or the phone is turned off, the timer still works as normal.

      3. No privacy concerns:
      ---As software provider, we know the best way to protect user's privacy is NOT TO COLLECT ANY USER'S DATA. That's what we are doing. The Internet connection is mainly used for Google License check and Google Chart service. Please see our privacy policy for details.

      4. Wireless Data Usage:
      ---Internet connection is not required for the main features of the app. There is no remote database, no login and logout. This will save users' wireless data usage.

      5. Best customer support:
      ---We have excellent support record and no question will be ignored.

      6. Powerful tool with many useful features:
      ---Please see our feature list for details. 
  • Usage:

    • Manual Mode: two easy steps to get the job done
      • Clocked in by entering Client, Project, Task information and starting time.
      • Clocked out by editing time log to enter ending time or total hours..
    • Auto Mode: Tap on the screen to punch in and out.               
    • In both modes, there is no need to keep Time Tracker or your phone on all the time during working hours.
  • Features:

    • Punch in and punch out. Two easy steps to get the job done.
    • Pause and resume: User can easily pause and resume timer for break time.
    • Edit during Punch-in: With this feature, user can set punch-in time (otherwise current time will be used). By default, this feature is turned off. User can turn it on from Options -> Edit during Punch-in.
    • Password Protection: User can set password to prevent unauthorized user to open Time Tracker.
    • Currency: User can select one from 40 most used currencies. Here are the 40 currencies:
        •  USD  GBP  JPY  EUR  CAD  AUD  HKD
           NZD  SGD  MXN  TWD  ARS  CNY  NOK
           DKK  SEK  ZAR  CHF  INR  IDR  RUB
           PLN  ILS  CZK  KRW  BRL  MYR  PKR
           PHP  LEK
           TRY  CRC
           VND  ISK

    • Configurable first day of the week: The default first day of week is Sunday. User has option to change it.
    • User-extendable Database: User can add, delete, rename client/project/task information. User only need to define once and the defined information will be saved in database for future use.
    • Database backup and restore: User can back up database to SD card, Dropbox, Google Drive or Email. User can also restore database from the backup file on SD card, in Dropbox or Google Drive.
    • Export time report in CSV, IIF or HTML format: User can export time report to SD card in CSV (for Microsoft Excel or Google Doc Spreadsheet), IIF (for QuickBooks) or HTML (for web browser) format.
    • Send time report: User can send time report in CSV (for Microsoft Excel or Google Doc Spreadsheet), IIF (for QuickBooks) or HTML (for web browser) file by email attachment. Report file can also be sent to Dropbox and Google Docs if the apps for them are installed.
    • Filters: When export or email report in CSV, IIF or HTML format, user has following filter options:
      • Time Period
        • All Date
        • Within Start and End Date
        • After Specific Date
        • After Last Export Date
        • Today
        • This Month
        • This Year
        • Last Month
        • Last Year
      • Time Type
        • Billable
        • Not Billable
      • Client
      • Project
                Filters Time Type, Client and Project also can be used in Time Log viewer by click on the Menu button on the phone
    • Auto Check Upgrade: User can turn on or off the feature of automatically checking whether there is a newer version of software available in Android Market.
    • User Assistance: User can turn on or off the automatic tips on how to use Time Tracker.
    • Auto Default Value: Previous used value will be used as default value for next time.
    • Detail view and summary: User can view yearly, monthly, weekly and daily time log detail and summary. By click on the menu button on the phone, user can use data type filters.
    • Charts and diagrams: User can view monthly time log in charts and diagrams. User can also user data type filters to change data for the diagrams.
    • Auto local and online database backup: Use has options to automatically back up database locally to SD card or online to Dropbox™. Auto backup happens when exiting from main menu.
    • Import feature: For information about client, project and task, user can use this feature to import data from input CSV file to the database. Click here for rules and format of the input file.
    • Bulk deletion: Remove all selected records from database
    • Use Splash Screen: User can turn on/off the option to use splash screen for the application.
    • Sort by: In time log viewer, user also can click on the column header to sort income and expense entries.
    • Duplicate record: By long tap on the selected item in Time Log viewer, user can have menu to duplicate the selected time record. The new record uses current date as record creation date.
    • Install and run from SD card: For Android 2.2 and above, user can switch Time Tracker storage location between phone and SD card by Settings-> Applications -> Manage applications -> Time Tracker -> Move to SD card or Move to Phone. The feature is created to optimize phone memory usage.
    • 15 Minutes Round Up: User has option to use 15 minutes increments for time calculation.
    • Share database with multiple devices via Dropbox™ or Google Drive.
    • Date Format: User has option to select from following four popular date formats.
      • 2012-12-31
      • 12/31/2012
      • 31/12/2012
      • 2012/12/31
    • Time Format: User has option to select 12-hour or 24-hour time display format.
    • Factory reset: Factory reset (also called master reset or hard reset) will remove everything on your phone memory, but will not change anything on the SD card. So, it is very important to backup database from phone memory to SD card before master reset. Otherwise, there is no way to regain (or restore) your previously saved data. See FAQ #12 for steps on how to backup database to SD card before factory reset.
  • Snapshots:

  • System Requirements:
    • OS: Android v2.1 or above
    • Physical Resolution: 320 x 480 (HVGA), 480 x 800 (WVGA800), 480 x 854 (WVGA854), 1280x800 and other resolutions
    • Perfect for Android smart phone and tablet
    • Support both landscape and portrait orientation modes.
  • Ways to Purchase:

    • Email: 
  • FAQ:
How to export or email report in CSV or HTML format? Where are the export files on SD card?
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Answer: To export or email report, you can do it from Main Menu -> Options -> Export Report or Send Report.
With Export Report, you can export report file on SD card. The storage folder on SD card is /sdcard/TimeTracker.
With Send Report, you can send report file by email, Dropbox, Google Drive or other apps.
You can specify the file format and the time period for the report.  
How to sort records?
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Answer: In "View/Edit Time Log", you can sort the records by tapping on the column header. You can sort items by Project, Client , Time, Date or Notes.
How to delete a record and how to delete all records?
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Answer: In "View/Edit Time Log", you can LONG TAP (tap a item and hold for 2 seconds) on a selected record to get menu to delete it. To delete all records, you can do it from Main Menu -> Options -> Delete All Time Entries.
How to filter records?
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Answer: In "View/Edit Time Log", you can click on the menu button on your phone to get filter menus. Those menus give you options to use 4 available filters. Those filters are:
  • Total Data
  • Time Type
  • Project
  • Client
The auto tips disappears so quick. Is there a way to show them again?
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Answer: In "View/Edit Time Log" window, you can click on the menu button on your phone and click on the "Tips" menu. It will show tips again on the screen.
In "View/Edit Time Log", the some long notes break the layout. How I can make "notes" hidden?
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Answer: You can do it from Main Menu -> Options -> turn off the "Show Notes" option to keep better layout.
I have forgotten my password for Mileage Tracker.  How to I reset it or get it emailed or texted to me?
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Answer: Password is used to protect your privacy. When you get the app, there is no password. You can set it from Main Menu -> Options -> Password Protection.

The password is saved in your phone. We, as software provider, don't have your password.

If you forget your password, you can send us an email with your order number (you can find order number in your email or from your accout at http://checkout.google.com) and billing zip code. After owner verification, we will send you a temp password to open the app and reset the password from Main Menu -> Options -> Password Protection. The temp password normally expires in few hours.
I cannot see the predefined item in the list. How can I do?
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Answer: Client category list is an expandable list. You can click on text "Client" to expand/Collapse the list. When the list is expanded, you can see all the predefined clients. When the list is collapsed, all the predefined clients are hidden. Same thing for Project and Task lists.
Just got a new phone. How I can transfer data from my old phone to the new one?
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Answer: To transfer data from one device to another, we suggest you to use Dropbox to back up and restore database. Here are the steps:
1) Install our app and Dropbox app on both of your devices.
2) Old phone: Use Wi-Fi for Internet. Open our app, Main Menu -> Options -> Back Up Database -> Dropbox.
3) New Phone: Open our app, Main Menu -> Options -> Restore Database -> Dropbox.

Please do NOT connect your device with computer via USB while you try above steps.
Where are the database backup files?
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Answer: If you turned on the Local Auto DB Back Up feature, the database backup file is saved on SD card.
If you turned on the Online Auto DB Back Up feature, the database backup file is saved on both SD card and your Dropbox account.
For SD card, the folder is /sdcard/TimeTracker. For Dropbox account, the folder is Apps/Time_Tracker/database.
The file name is TimeTracker.db.
I have to do a master reset on Android phone. Please tell me what I should do to save my data before master reset?
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Answer: It's very easy to get your database restored after master reset. Here are the steps:

1) Before master reset your phone, you need to do database backup from Main Menu -> Options -> Back Up Database.
You can also turn on the Local or Online Auto DB Back Up features from Main Menu -> Options -> Auto Database Backup.
The features of Back Up Database or Local Auto DB Back Up features will help you to create a backup database on SD card.
The Online Auto DB Back Up features will help you to create a database backup files on both SD card and your Drobbox account.

2) Master reset your phone. Please note Master Reset deletes everything on your phone, but nothing on SD card.

3) Re-install Time Tracker from Google Play Store. Open it and restore database from SD card by Main Menu -> Options -> Restore Database -> SD card.

Master reset (also called factory reset or hard reset) will remove everything on the memory of your device, but will not change anything on the SD card. So, it is very important to back up database from the device memory to SD card before master reset. Otherwise, there is no way to regain (or restore) your previously saved data.
When I open the CSV files in Microsoft Excel, the values in some of the columns are marked as #######. Is it an software issue? Please help.
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Answer: No, it is not a software issue.  The default width of the column in MicroSoft Excel is too short too display the value. That is the reason the values in some of the columns are marked as ######. If you make the columns wider in Excel, you will see the values without problem. CSV is a simple spreadsheet format and has no control of the default column width.
I keep having trouble sending data via g-mail.  It says sending message, return to main menu but data never transfers to who i'm sending it to.  What am I doing wrong?
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Answer: To send email, you need to turn on the "Email Auto Sync". You can do it from Settings -> Accounts & sync -> Auto-sync.

If your device cannot access Internet, it will also prevent you from sending the email out. In this case, you can turn on the WIFI to get better Internet connection.
Does the rate linked with Project? How I can change it?
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Answer: Yes, you are right. The rate is linked with project.
Time Tracker has Auto Default feature (you can turn it on/off, the default is on). With this feature on, once you edit the rate and save the record, the next time when you choose a project, the rate in last save record for this project will be used as default value.
Am I able to punch in/out on different client/project/task?
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Answer: Time Tracker has artificial intelligence built in to remember the client, project and task information for the last saved time record, and will use those as default values for next punch in/out. After punch out, you can edit the saved record. The newly saved information will be used as default for next punch in and out.
I am trying to import the time report IIF file into my QuickBooks. But the Quickbooks software says  I do not have the correct company file open. Here is the error message "You cannot import QuickBooks Pro Timer data for a different company. Please open the correct company file.".  Can you send me detailed IIF import instructions? 
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Answer: In Options, you can specify the QuickBooks related information.
You can get the QuickBooks related information from following steps:
  1. In QuickBooks, please make sure that you selected the option to Track Time in the QuickBooks Company Preferences selected (For QuickBooks 2011, Edit -> Preferences -> Timer and Expenses -> Company Preferences tab -> Click Yes to turn on time tracking).
  2. In QuickBooks select File -> Timer -> Export lists for Timer (for QuickBooks 2011, File -> Export -> Timer Lists) and save the file to your desktop as QuickBooksInfo.IIF.
  3. Using Microsoft Excel or Google Doc Spreadsheet to open the Timer file (QuickBooksInfo.IIF) you have just exported.
  4. In Time Tracker app,  go to Options and enter the following QuickBooks related information:
    1. Company Name (Required) - Using the value under COMPANYNAME in QuickBooksInfo.IIF (ie Android Software LLC)
    2. Company ID (Required) - Using the value under COMPANYCREATETIME in QuickBooksInfo.IIF (ie 1255678945)
    3. Employee Name (Optional) - Using the value under EMP in QuickBooksInfo.IIF ( ie Chris Smith). If not entered, a default employee name will be used.
The Company ID is not EIN. EIN is Employer ID Number. It is assigned by government and used for company to pay tax. The Company ID is a license number assigned by QuickBooks™. Without this number in IIF, QuickBooks™ will refused to import IIF. QuickBooks™ uses this number to identify the software license. Each copy of QuickBooks™ has a unique Company ID. It's the 10 digit number under COMPANYCREATETIME in Timer file (QuickBoosInfo.IIF as mentioned above). User need to put the same number in Time Tracker -> Options -> QB Company ID.
Without correct Company Name and Company ID, user will error message mentioned in the question.
Note 1: QuickBooks started to support Time Activity in IIF format since QuickBooks 2007 & Enterprise 7.0. If you are using an older version of QuickBooks, this feature may not work.
Note 2: From the information we got, QuickBooks stopped to support Time Activity from version 2012. We don't know why QuickBooks did it. Please contact with QuickBooks for details. If you are using QuickBooks pre-2012 version, you are not impacted by this change.
Note 3: If you get the warning message from QuickBooks™ saying "This import file was created by an old version of the QuickBooks Pro Timer.", please ignore it and click on OK button to import IIF created by Time Tracker.
How can I use the import feature? What rule and format I should follow?
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Answer: To add time related information, you can do it from Main Menu -> Options -> Client/Project/Task Information.
If you want to add lots client/project/task data in batch mode, you can use the import feature from Main Menu -> Options -> Import Data.
Currently, to avoid issues, we only support data import file in CSV format. Please click here for details about rules and formats of the data input file.
It would appear that there is some overlap on your apps, please help me to decide on which products I need.
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Answer: We created a comparison table for all of our finance and business apps. It will help you to make decision. Click on for Comparison Table for Finance and Business Applications.
When I click the import option in the options menu, it says that the necessary app is not installed. Any help is appreciated.
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Answer: For import feature, at least one file management app is required to pick up import file from the system. Your device has no file management app installed.
Here's a quick solution:
1) Install a free file manager app from the Google Play store. There are the most popular free file manager apps in the market:
    File Manager
    ES File Explorer
    OI File Manager
2) Reboot your device by turning it off and on again.
3) Try import again.
After upgrading to 6.0 of the Android OS, I have had trouble doing a Send Report directly via the Gmail app. It says the file is empty and "Cannot send empty file". Any idea whether this issue might be OS-related and please provide any work around?
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Answer: One limitation of the Android 6.0 runtime permission system is that there will be corner cases that cause problems. What you encountered is one: trying to share a file on external storage to an app (Gmail app) that does not have the runtime permission checks in place for that particular UI path.

Here is the solution for the issue:
Go to Settings->Apps->Gmail->Permissions and enable the "Storage" permission manually. With this change, sending report file with Gmail app will not be an issue.

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